At Bolton Karate Centre we aim to continue in Master Kimura’s way and to give all who train at the Centre a good understanding of Master Kimura’s style of Shukokai Karate.

Sensei Stewart is assisted in developing the ability of students at Bolton Karate Centre by the current Assistant Chief Instructor Sensei Steve Mason and by the other Dan Grades at the Centre.

All instructors have been CRB checked, hold recognised coaching qualifications and have attended and passed accredited first aid courses.

Many people take up Karate for its self-defence value, however the training they will receive will also improve confidence and help to deal with all types of situations which we encounter in every day life. Practising Karate although strenuous can be a stress relieving and very enjoyable fitness exercise which can also be great for body conditioning.

At Bolton Karate Centre we strive to make our classes enjoyable to all whatever their age, whether working with an instructor, or with fellow students.

Children will learn to socialise with fellow students and to have respect for themselves and for others, they will also gain in self-discipline and be able to deal effectively with peer pressure.

Karate will not make anyone young or old into an aggressive person, our experience over many years’ shows that as self confidence grows any aggressive behaviour they may have, reduces.